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Shopping, whatever you want

Are you looking for a new television or a new pair of shoes?

Searching for entertainment?

Searching for a cheap evening out with friends?

Enjoying wellness & beauty

Want to enjoy the sauna, of need to go to the hairdresser?

Enjoy a good and affordable dinner

o you want to go out to enjoy a good and affordable dinner with friends?

Well priced Groceries

Getting your groceries for the best price there is!

Make your own deals

Ask retailers what you are looking for and get the best offers!

About Free2Deal

We are Free2Deal. Instead of using a dozen of "shopping" Apps, we are offering you one App. Before going out you will always know the offers that are made for you wherever you go. If you ever need anything you can post a question with your need and the offers wil come to you from the retailers. That means that you can contact retailers that associated with Free2Deal directly. In short: For everything you want to go out for, Free2Deal!

One app for out of home, shopping, wellness and beauty, entertainment, or groceries

How does Free2Deal work?

Every day you can change the promotional offers. When the new collection has arrived, for the promotion of a new item or a special event. Make an offer around Eastern for a good eastern breakfast, invite your customers dad's for fathersday. Black Friday youcan create offers in an easy way. Real ease, create a promotion and publish it. It is available immediatel!

Your customer asks questions by the app

When your customer wants new shoes or a jacket, he wants it fast!  To use it for his date of tonight. When the request of the cutomer matches your business, you'll inmediately receive a notification by F2D. Respond to your customer with a good promotion and you've gained a customer.

Why Free2Deal?

The Free2Deal app will increase the number of visitors of your store.  F2D helps consumers to find precisely those items they are looking for now. F2D offers consumers fast insight to relevant promotions around them.

F2D provides one app, replacing many other apps, for each store or loyaltyprogramme. Wij offer ready-to-use functionality for a successfull ‘mobile strategy’. And without investment upfront.  Our flexibel licenses offer you the access to F2D. That's all you will pay. We offer each location better results by offering an improved exposure. By use of F2D you will increase the visibility of your store and brand. 

Welk abonnement past bij jou bedrijf?

Create an account at Free2Deal and try a month for free! Or contact us for more information!


For the neigbourhood store, to create a deal in a fast and easy way.


More deals, but most of all, a bigger reach.


More deals, covering a larga part of the Netherlands, and functionality to chat with your customers.


Sufficient deals, all of the Netherlands covered, and ofcourse chat functionality.

Arthur Meerwaldt

Arthur has got the drive, skills and creativity to create new solutions, for companies coping with an increasing number of changes in their market, technologies, media and businessmodels.

Arthur is an entrepeneur pur sang and executive partner. At the age of 27 he started his ICT company, which he lead in 10 years to be the number one in its market. .

His interest in people, innovation, market opportunities, helps Arthur to work on new challenges others haven't even started exploring. 

Vincent Jansen

Vincent is an experienced CIO, who believes that smart application of technical solutions can and will keep on changing the world as we know it. IT is the katalysator, not the goal. His strength is in challenging others  to find out 'why' we do the things that we do, and to compose new and out of the box solutions.  

Beneath you can find our contact details. Underneatch the contact details you can find our frequently asked questions. First read these questions, if your question isn't there please contact us!


Burg. Jhr. H. van den Boschstraat 41
3958 CA Amerongen
Tel: 0343 - 562151
We only request your email address and nothing else. If you make a deal, we offer you the opportunity to chat with the retailer. But this is not necessary
You can download the free App at the Appstore and Playstore
After downloading the app, you can register with your emailadress or Facebook account
Yes, for customers the app is free. We earn our money with subscription from the retailers
There is a Navigation integrated in the app

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